The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar… It was tense!

Oh I never get tired of that joke! Not only is it pretty darn funny, but it also makes an excellent point you might never have considered…

The past, the present, and the future collide in our lives on a daily basis making for a lot of tension in our heart and mind. We are the bar, and let’s all be honest it does get really tense sometimes! I mean I think we’ve all experienced moments where we find ourselves worried about the past coming back to haunt us or it dictating/changing the future, or working about what will even happen in the future at all. Now if you say you’ve never had that happen…

Have you ever stopped and wondered after one of these moments, why? What? How? I often do and my conclusions are sometimes helpful and other times they just frustrate me even more to consider. But the self-reflection is important. Crucial even. Without it we continue a vicious cycle of letting these three realms of time collide and make our life far more tense then it needs to be! Things get thrown at us regularly often that derail plans, hopes, dreams, goals, etc. We don’t need to derail ourselves too!!!

So I’m excited to announce the first challenge-task-exercise (whatever you want to call it honestly) in The Me Project (cool name still pending, ugh), for you and for me!

Tips & Rules:

  • Sit someplace you feel: comfortable, most yourself, and where you feel as freely you as possible.
  • Minimize the external distractions that might pull your focus. This is your moment and time to really just think and reflect on yourself.
  • Do not beat yourself or make this a negativity session. That is not the point of this challenge, it’s about reflection, not abuse.
  • Maintain a judgment free zone! We all make mistakes, have regrets, and worries. Do not judge yourself for what yours are! Because no one here will and I certainly will not judge you for them!
  • List 3-5 of each thing. But definitely limit each category to an absolute maximum of 10!!!
  • Try to write all of these on one page with each category clearly labeled, it will make it much easier for you to follow.
  • Do them in this order, there is a point to it!

The Task:

  • Write down several things that you are unhappy with currently. (The Present)
  • Write down several things you worry about. (The Future)
  • Write down several things that you regret on some level or that “haunt” you. Whether mistakes made, opportunities you didn’t take, choices you didn’t make and wished you had, whatever it is. (The Past)

I’m going to do this challenge-task-exercise also, and I will be sharing my responses to each category in my next post. So I encourage you to feel free to put yours in the comments on this post. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that you can continue it in private. I will completely understand either way!

Until next time, happy writing everyone!