Everything has a beginning, everything starts somewhere and somehow.

This blog is beginning so I can share my own life experiences in the hopes that they will help someone else through life experiences. Sometimes we feel alone in the these things we go through, in spite of the care, love, and support around us.

Not only is this the beginning of my blog but also the beginning of a project I have thought of several times but never started. I’m tentatively calling it The Me Project. (Hopefully I think of some really catchy name when I’m not so focused on everything else about the project.) But right now seems like the perfect time to take a dive in to it, head and heart first.

The Purpose: To explore what things have a strong impact on the development of “me” or of the self. We are told, shown, taught, and pressured into so many things regarding the “proper” and “best” developments of the self but what do these things actually teach us and how do they impact us in the long run?

How To: I’ll be nerding out by reading some scholarly articles and giving you the short and applicable summations. I’ll be conducting interviews, examining social media, and a variety of other things including the psychology behind the self and the development of the self.

Why: We all have struggles, we go through phases and periods where we find ourselves feeling dissatisfied, dejected, beaten down, lost, broken, and/or hurt. I am currently going through one of these phases. I’ve struggled since the 5th grade with my confidence, self-image, and self-worth/esteem. It’s been a long and difficult road with many, many ups and downs. I’ve made significant progress through many techniques, I worked hard on myself to improve how I feel about myself, how I saw myself, and what I think of myself. However as I said above, I’m in a phase currently where I am struggling with this very thing and it’s been much harder to get over. I consider myself a problem solver and as such I know I need to solve this problem I’m experiencing because I don’t want it to rob me of anything. Joy, happiness, opportunities, love, anything.

Next time I’ll share my story, until then…